— Common questions —

Is the therapy done on a table, bed or the floor?
Traditionally, Thai massage is done on the floor. Some elements of the practice are being adapted by practitioners more accustomed to working on tables or beds. However, many of the advanced movements and stretches can only be done safely and effectively on the floor.
What are the benefits of Thai massage?
Stress relief, revitalization and a euphoric feeling of overall well-being are the words most often used by clients to describe the benefits of their treatment. Physiologically, the body gets re-aligned in a way that increases flexibility and circulation. More subtle harmonizing of energies results in the overall integration of body, mind and soul. We get to remember how good it can feel to be in our bodies.
Where did Thai massage originate?
Thai massage actually originated in India. Some say it grew out of the ancient healing systems practiced in South India in the region now known as Kerala. Later, massage was incorporated into ancient Ayurveda medicine, practiced in the regions that are now Nepal at the time of the Enlightenment of the Buddha. The physician Chivaka Komarapatr, Buddha’s private doctor, is said to have successfully used massage and stretching techniques along with herbal remedies to treat ailments amongst the monks who traveled with the Buddha. Their travels spread Buddhism and these medicinal techniques all over Southeast Asia. He is now known as the founder and Father Doctor of Traditional Medicine in Thailand.
What if I’m late for my appointment?
If you are running late for your appointment, a phone call would be recommended. Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed of their time slot. Late arrivals may be subject to an adjusted appointment duration or given away to a standby client. No-shows will be liable for a 100 percent cancellation fee.
Payment options
We do accept cash
We do not accept American Express and Diners Club

We accept VISA and Master Card
We accept gift vouchers purchased from Puri Thai Massage
We accept EFT done prior to the treatment and proof of payment emailed to us in advance.